Jun 2014 Issue

Baseball Genealogy

Albert G Spalding was a pitcher, manager and executive in the early years of professional baseball, and the co-founder of A.G. Spalding sporting goods company that exists to this day. He played major league baseball between 1871 and 1878.

The image here shows an interesting connection to Spalding and an historic event. The image is a passenger list of the ship RMS Lusitania showing Spalding and his wife Elizabeth on a voyage from Liverpool, England to New York in January, 1914.

The ship they sailed on may sound familiar. Just 17 months later, the ship would be torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat. 1,195 people, including 128 American, lost their lives. The sinking caused a storm of protest in the United States and influenced the decision by the US to declare war in 1917.

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