May 2014 Issue

Newspaper Clippings

Each month we scour the newspaper archives to find an interesting article or two. If you run across an interesting old newsclip, let us know!

From 1884

The Last Appearance Until Jackie

"Batting 9th and playing catcher for Toledo, Fleetwood Walker"

The Cincinnati Enquirer - Cincinnati, Ohio - Fri, Sep 5, 1884 - Page 2

The Last Appearance Until Jackie

On September 4, 1884 Moses "Fleetwood" Walker played catcher for the Toledo club. It would be the last game that he played in the Major Leagues. This would also usher in the ugly period of segregation as this would be the last appearance by a black player in the Major Leagues until Jackie Robinson on April 15, 1947.

Fun Finds

Arrested for Playing Baseball

"Six York country boys...were arrested for playing baseball on effort will be made to put a quitus on the sport."

Omaha Bee - Aug 21, 1906

Arrested for Playing Baseball

Yes, not too long ago one could actually get arrested for playing a leisurely baseball on a Sunday. Due to blue laws, it was considered offensive to work on Sunday, which was expected to be a day of worship and rest. In 1794, the Pennsylvania Assembly restricted activities on Sunday by passing what they called "an Act for the prevention of vice and immorality, and of unlawful gaming, and to restrain disorderly sports and dissipation".

Sunday baseball games were legalized in 1902 in Chicago, St. Louis, and Cincinnati. In 1917, the New York Giants and Cincinnati Reds played the first Sunday game ever at the Polo Grounds, New York's home field. However, after the game both managers, John McGraw and Christy Mathewson, were arrested for violating the blue laws ,

It wasn't until 1918 that it was legal for a professional game to be played on a Sunday in Cleveland, Washington, D.C., and Detroit. The following year, New York legalized baseball games on Sunday, and baseball teams that played in New York (the New York Giants, the New York Yankees, and the Brooklyn Dodgers) were allowed to have home games on Sunday.

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